TFT Woodexperts Hardwood Training Day

14 Feb 2019

As part of our commitment to employee training and development, Timber Connection recently arranged a bespoke course run by TFT Woodexperts Limited – the organisation for technical and training solutions to the Timber and Construction Industries. Keeley Baker, Simon Shannon, Peter Clayton, James Monks, Hayley Warwick and Lucy Green attended the training day held at Vastern Timber in Swindon. The aim of the course was to develop product knowledge, with particular emphasis on how specie properties and characteristics affect the uses of different hardwoods. Courtesy of Vastern Timber, we were able to use their sawmill facilities to demonstrate how log conversion can affect the appearance, properties and usage of timber. The day concluded with a session on recognising various hardwood features in order to identify species. We looked in depth at commonly used hardwood species and discussed in detail how they can vary in strength, durability, reaction to moisture and preservability. Ultimately, it was an interesting day had by all and we believe the training will enhance our confidence and enable us to offer the best advice to our customers.