Your trade secret

At Timber Connection we appreciate a reliable supply line is essential to any manufacturer of wood-based products. Our unrivalled stock holding of hardwoods and premium grade softwoods from trusted supply partners around the world ensures the trade has a supplier it can always depend on.


Your credible choice

Trusting your supplier’s knowledge and principles are fundamental. At Timber Connection you can be assured that our dedicated team have what it takes. Our strength in depth combines years of industry experience with the highest levels of product knowledge. This together with a clear understanding of our customers’ needs makes us the supplier of choice.

360° Service

Your one connection

Timber Connection’s extensive product choice, intelligent logistics and finance packages collectively provide buying solutions to the most challenging requests. These assets together with our personalised approach and willingness to be flexible to your individual needs allows us to offer a truly integrated 360° customer service.


Your passionate supplier

Just like the joiner who produces a stunning piece of furniture, we believe there’s craftmanship in what we do. The passion, skill and training that goes into our sourcing, maintenance and distribution of timber from around the world is not just a service but a craft that our customers recognise and appreciate.