LIGNIA Modified Timber Stock Update

11 Mar 2021

With Spring in the air, cladding, decking and anything outside is about to take off again. With this is mind and the fact that the market is seeing huge shortages of traditional timbers used in this sector there’s no better time to consider upgrading to LIGNIA MODIFIED TIMBER.

Why buy LIGNIA Modified Timber?

  • Sustainability: LIGNIA is modified timber produced from FSC Certified plantation Radiata Pine forests.
  • Durability: LIGNIA is highly durable and comes with a 50 year warranty against rot and decay.
  • Stability: LIGNIA is classed as a small movement timber ideal for exterior applications.
  • Hardness: LIGNIA is harder than Teak making it tough and wear resistant.
  • Slip resistant: LIGNIA has a highly constant friction value that provides good traction even when wet.
  • Beauty: LIGNIA looks like a hardwood, so much so that it is also used as an alternative to Teak on yachts.
  • Availability: LIGNIA is modified right here in the UK and can be purchased ex stock.

Stock availability

LIGNIA Decking – K/D FSC Mix Credit

Section size: 20 x 140mm eased 4 edges, reeded 1 face and smooth on the reverse face

LIGNIA Standard Sawn – K/D FSC Mix Credit

22mm x 100mm, 22 x 115mm, 22 x 145mm, 22 x 150mm, 22 x 170mm, 22 x 200mm

25 x 100mm, 25 x 125mm, 25 x 145mm, 25 x 150mm, 25 x 175mm, 25 x 200mm, 25 x 225mm, 25 x 250mm, 25 x 270mm, 25 x 300mm

32 x 100mm, 32 x 125mm, 32 x 175mm, 32 x 200mm

Coming soon! Laminated Joinery Sizes

Laminated LIGNIA Standard – K/D FSC Mix Credit

96 x 75mm, 63 x 75mm, 63 x 120mm, 63 x 196mm

Timber Connection are sole distributors of LIGNIA in the UK and Ireland. For more information and pricing call us on 01920 466880 or email