Bamboo Decking and Cladding

24 Apr 2023

Timber Connection have recently partnered with Dasso Group, Global Innovator of Bamboo Products, to offer their decking and cladding products to the UK market. With over 10,000,000m2 installed worldwide, this is a new product to Timber Connection but one that is already well established globally. The use of Bamboo as a raw material is a real innovation and the sustainable life cycle of Bamboo products makes it an environmentally friendly option. Bamboo is a fast growing, abundant resource, typically maturing within 4-6 years for industrial use, reducing the dependency of harvesting forests.

Through their unique patented processing, Dasso produces two ranges: DassoXTR and DassoCTECH. DassoXTR is produced using a ‘heat treated’ technology and results in a classic ‘Espresso’ colour, whereas with the application of ceramix technology, DassoCTECH retains the original ‘Cognac’ colour. Both processes result in a very hard, dense and durable product that is resistant to bacteria, fungus, molds and termites and suitable for all environments including exterior use and marine. Not only is Dasso a superior choice for it’s properties in external application, it also has a unique fitting system which reduces wastage and speeds up installation by 50%. Timber Connection currently stock XTR decking and CTECH cladding and decking. All products come with a 25 year warranty and are FSC 100% certified.

Contact us at or visit the Dasso website for more information.