Sustainably sourced West African hardwoods

13 Feb 2020

Timber Connection have always been committed to sourcing legal, sustainable hardwoods. One of the most important regions we ensure this happens is West Africa, where whenever possible we buy products that are independently certified, such as FSC and OLB. We stock over 1000m3 of FSC material in species such as Sapele, Utile, Ayous and Iroko. FSC is the global forest certification system that independently ensures legality and good forest management with a thorough Chain of Custody. We also stock a similar volume of West African Hardwood in ‘3rd party verified legally sourced timber’ which guarantees origin and legality. One of the major 3rd party verified systems that provides such a service is OLB. (Origine et Legalite des Bois in French, which translates as Timber Origin and Legality). If like us, you’re keen to support reliable, legally sourced West African hardwoods then look no further.. as one of the largest stockists of certified timber in the UK, Timber Connection are market leaders for sustainably sourced hardwood.