Just be a Child

By Timber Connection/ 17 February 2016

Timber Connection have recently sponsored ‘Just be a Child’ (reg. charity 1153532). The charity is focused on developing communities in some of the most deprived small villages in Kenya and their vision – ‘every child gets to be a kid, even just for a while’ – places emphasis on the youngest members.

Children have an amazing ability to learn and grow, whilst the adults are encouraged to take responsibility and leadership of the project. The aim of the project is to construct a network of 10 playgrounds and libraries at the cost of £10k (£700 for a playground and £9,300 for a library).

Here are some statistics from their first project in the Dzunga community:

– The playground is used by approximately 250 children each week.

– UK children via schools and clubs and adults donated in excess of 7,000 books.

– The library opened on 8 August 2015 and enrolled 249 people in the first day (92% children, 8% adults).

– To date, the library has 1,820 members.

– Every week it serves more than 250 members.

– It became the community centre and volunteers hold various classes: arts and crafts, reading, homework club, traditional dance group and so on. On average every class is attended by 40 children.

– The library is visited and used by 21 local schools serving approximately 340 school children and 53 teachers who use the library for lesson planning.

– The library has 13 volunteer and trained librarians.

Timber Connection are proud to be associated with ‘Just be a child’.