Black Walnut Still Trending

19 Mar 2019

It’s fair to say that sales of American Black Walnut are still trending extremely well at Timber Connection. So much so that we recently replaced our own boardroom table with a natural American Black Walnut top, which goes to show that Walnut doesn’t always have to be defect free to be appreciated.

Timber Connection are one of the largest stockists of American Black Walnut in the UK. With over 500m3 of sawn Black Walnut in stock valuing almost £1 million, we’re committed to making sure we have the stock to cover the continual demand for this beautiful specie. We stock thicknesses through the range from 1” to 4” in three grades: Standard FAS Walnut Grade, Prime Grade (same as the NHLA Rules for Oak grading) and finally Superior Grade, which as the name suggests is even higher in grade than the Prime Grade Rules as set out by the NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association).

Traditionally Walnut was used in the furniture trade where manufacturers could cut and carve around defect to make it more cost effective. The recent increase of Walnut in joinery applications has led to a shift in demand for higher grade material with as much clear cutting as possible, such as the Superior Grade FSC Walnut supplied by Timber Connection for the Royal Opera House refurbishment in 2018: Click to view news post.

So whether it’s a natural boardroom table you’re looking to make or a stunning clear grade staircase, we have it covered.