NHLA Black Walnut Grading Seminar

06 Dec 2017

As part of their continuous improvement strategy, Timber Connection had the opportunity to attend a private grading seminar run by the NHLA chief grader Dana Spessert. The day began with a classroom presentation on the American hardwood lumber grades, discussing the characteristics of various species, and into more depth on Black Walnut. The main purpose of the training was to comprehensively understand the grading rules for American Black Walnut. We have seen demand increase over the past 10 years and together with the growing trend for Walnut we have seen various grades developing. At Timber Connection we work closely with our customers to ensure we hold a variety of species and grades that meet the demand of our customer’s businesses. Currently in American Black Walnut we have stock ranging from 1 inch through to 4 inch and grades including Commons, FAS, Oak Rules and Superior.
Please see the following link to the NHLA website for more detail:
NHLA – Grading Rules